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More typical features of Wulf Grossmann guitars

  • soundhole rosetteUnpretentious design.
    I count on the beauty of wood rather than complicated embellishment. Elaborate purflings/binding is timeconsuming business without any positive effect on sound. So to me there's no point in investing much work in this. And of cause it's a matter of taste.
  • Side/body joint "old style" without binding.oiled neck - binding on top/side joint  - side/back directly glued
    Advantage: the guitar can be opened with less effort when necessary .
    Disadvantage: none known. As the back is made from hardwood the edge is sufficiently stable against bumping (this would be different with the top, which is made from soft woods).
  • Finish: shellac
    Shellac is applied by hand in very thin layers, therefore it does not affect the sound negatively. The traditional process of finishing with shellac is called french polishing. It's a rather time and workintensive procedure which takes several weeks to get the desired result. Admittedly I'm not of the patient kind. Therefore I've modified the process a little bit. The resulting finish is of silky gloss instead of high gloss. The acoustical qualities are identical.
  • 20 frets
    Typically my instruments are build with 20 frets.


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