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The idea behind my guitar constructions

Espagna with spruce top

Like other luthiers I'm trying to get together tradition and innovation to create good sounding and easy playable instruments. Starting point is the spanish guitar as build by Antonio Torres. But I'm also taking into account the more recent delopments of the last decades not leaving out the historical guitar before Torres.

To my knowledge different methods of building guitars especially regarding soundboard bracing can lead to success. What's counting is the fine tuning of the numerous components of the instrument.

There are of course differences in the character of sound, in timbre between different constructions. What you call better or less good is to a great part a question of taste rather than quality.



I'm aiming at a transparent sound of my instruments. A sound which seperates well and sings none the less. Warmth without being unclear, blurry. Strength without roughness.

My instruments are - not yet ;-) - perfect. But I think they represent a good mixture of playability, response, volume and balance that simplify making music. They're build to help the player instead of throwing obstacles in the way. Period.

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