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Model 'America' was developed as an instrument perfectly suited for a string length of 63 cm.

Suited means, not having to move the bridge towards the soundhole, while maintaining the position of the 12th fret at the edge of the body. In addition the bridge should be positioned in the center between sound hole and lower edge of the body.

So I 'squeezed' the body. To obtain a similar overall volume the upper and lower bout became a little bit broader and somewhat more roundish. In consequence America is resembling certain steel string guitars - hence the naming.

The sound of this shorter model is astonishingly full and even more "juicy" than model Espagna.

Maybe it's separating a little less.


  • Upper bout - 28 cm
  • Waist - 22.5 cm
  • Lower bout - 37.2 cm
  • Body length - 47.5 cm


12th fret

I'm also building model America with a string length of  65 cm, keeping the bridge position. The 12th fret then is positioned  a little off the body edge. This facilitates playing in higher positions on the fret board. Another possibility is to keep the 12th fret at the traditional position while moving the bridge slightly 'down' towards the lower body edge. Both solutions are equally possible.




America - Western Red Cedar top America - Indian Rosewood back












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