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Torres small

String length: 60,4 cm
Top - Engelmann spruce

Back/Sides - Yellow Cedar


  • Upper bout - 22.2 cm
  • Waist - 17.7 cm
  • Lower bout - 28.5 cm
  • Body length - 42.1 cm

Compare the measurements: The lower bout is about as wide as the upper bout of the other models, while the upper bout equals their waist!

That really is a small instrument.

Anyway, the small Torres has  astonishing strengh.
I'm building this guitar with the original string length of 60,4 cm as well as shorter versions. For example 56 cm, then you can use it tuned a third or fourth higher for ensemble playing (with the according strings).


String length: 56 cm
Top: Sitka spruce

Back/Sides - Maple


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